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CENTRAL CALIFORNIA RECREATIONAL LOOPS  -  These rides, which comprise my favorite recreational bike routes in central California, start and end at locations outside the immediate Sacramento area.  Each ride is a personal creation. They are closed loops, starting and finishing at the same location.





FROM HERE TO THERE - In contrast to Recreational Loops, these rides start at one location and terminate elsewhere.  In other words, you can actually accomplish purposeful transportation!  Routes are detailed for Sacramento to Truckee/Tahoe/Reno, Sacramento to San Francisco, Sacramento to Oakland, Sacramento to Sonora, and Sacramento to Vallejo/San Francisco.  Return courses also are detailed. 
  these routes inherently are substantially more risky than most recreational loops.




SACRAMENTO LOCAL RECREATIONAL LOOPS - These rides start and end in the immediate Sacramento area (usually Mile 13.5 of the American River Bike Trail).  These rides obviate the requirement of driving to and from a start location, permitting you actually to go on a meaningful bike ride without using an automobile!




      BIKE LINKS  -  Some of my favorite bicycling links.


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